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My friend.

Hi my friend who really enjoys this site and was the one who told me about it has been banned. The reason he was banned was b/c he had been banned before. The reason he was banned before was b/c he let one of our friends use his name to check out the site. When the friend got on he decided to check out the chat. He got on the chat and (being 13) started to mouth off to guys and talk trash. So my friend (woodsballa13) got banned. He figured ehhh wasnt my fault no big deal i'll just make another account (ionwoodsballa13) and just recently he was banned for coming back. The only reason he came back was not to flame people or spam on the chat but to learn about paintball. I think that my friend (ionwoodsballa13) should be unbanned b/c it wasnt his fault. He just want to learn more about this sport so he can help it grow and become better. Please unban ionwoodsballa13.
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