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Originally Posted by Lord Delta View Post
Can't be doing too bad if they've got your room stocked w/ mountain dew eh?

Did you find it humurous at all that your medicine comes in a bright yellow bag w/ a biohazard label on it?
MD is my favorite, it just doesn't taste right after the chemo. I haven't had any in a week and a half.

The biohazard bag is nothing. When I got the IV chemo, the nurses who were administering it had to wear gowns, gloves, masks, and eye protection. Apparently if they get the stuff on them it will cause lesions on their skin and damage it. But it's ok to put it in my blood stream.

Well guys we're at day +14 Things are going reasonably well right now. I have been sleeping a little bit better at night which is a plus. I lost my apitite for a little bit, but it seems to be coming back slowly. They told me a few days ago that I have the C-diff bug, which is some sort of intestinal bug that gives you diarreha in a bad way. They put me on a certain med for it, which seemed to have no effect on it. Then they changed it to another. It seems now that this one might be working. If it does not, than its off to get a colonoscopy. The fear is that is the meds are not taking care of the bug that I might have the beginings of the graft Vs host disease. Which I am told I want a little bit of, just not a lot. If I get a little of it, it shows that the news cells are fighting my bad cancer cells.
I am actually starting to feel a little bit better. It is day to day on how well I feel, but there seem to be more good days than bad days right now.
On top of that I am happy to report that my counts are starting to come back up, which means that it's looking like the graft is starting to take hold. Or trying at least. I am cautiously optomistic at this point. While this is very good news I'm not out of the woods yet, and I have a very long hard road ahead of me.

I will keep everyone up to date as more things change. I just have to pray that they keep changing for the better.

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