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Originally Posted by Cruor Vult View Post
Check it out, just finished the back part.

Icon LED
14" J & J Ceramic
Evolution II
Lapco clamping feed neck
ACP Slasher trigger and 50 gram switch
Dye E-Spyder Sticky 3 Grip
PsychoBallistics Bullet Drop
TN Rattler reg
Old school Spyder VA
Many home mods
That is the nicest icon ive ever seen. Were u trying to make the back look like a promaster??

Anyways, heres mine.

Click picture to make it bigger
What I Got
Piranha Evo, Black to Blue, Costum Black Scythe, Modded Hammer, eVLution 2 with Z-board, 20oz Co2 tank, Blue Empire Action Pack 3+4, T-board/ultrachip.
My Fish~

Comming soon
Lapco Clamping Feedneck, CP regulator, Dye Ultra-light, Smart Parts On/Off, Macro line.
ICD Promaster...OR...ICD Naughty Dogs Freestyle...OR...Smart Parts Nerve

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