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i have an ION
my first up grade was the barrel a stiffi 12"
its great
next i got a virtue board and that is so far my best upgrade
i also have a virtue QEV and a Virtue set of lazer eyes
in the near future (1 month) i am getting a orange unicorn bolt
and a new reg (cp)
i want a new feed neck and i am getting real pissed with the stock asa
so im a getting a new one as well

feeding my ion i have a halo B with the V35 board and i want to get a deleron cone as well as a gearing upgrade so i can feed faster they said the v35 would feed 35 BPS that B/S it only feed about 18 bps at max setting w/ a neophian batery pack
so the fastest i have had my ion shooting with paint is aboput 18 bps kinda ****ty for the ups i have in it
my goal is to have it hit at least 25 bps by the end of the year
look out for some videos once i find a camera
my ion will be the sleeper (looks as stock as possible but ripps the piss outa everythign alse)

c ya'll round
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