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Originally Posted by lotus_esprit5 View Post
the regs are supposed to be balanced (in other words, you shouldnt have the inline at 350 psi and LPR at 70, or the LPR at 110psi and inline at 200). so if the regs are far enough out of whack relative to each other, your velocity will drop. so, say you have an aftermarket valve, so your inline is at 225psi, and the LPR is at 80. they are pretty much in proportion to each other. but if you continue to turn the LPR up higher, eventually the pressures wont be in proportion, and therefore the regs will no longer be balanced, so your velocity will drop as you turn up the LPR rather than increase. does that make sense?
makes sense to have them in proportion, yes... but still a bit confusing. ive played w/my b2k (aftermarket) regs a bunch, and i think i have them corrected now. i just want to make sure i did it correctly... (btw, my b2k has quite a few 'ups')

i currently have them @ lp70, hp150, fps285, dwell6ms. here's what i did: i used a ram gauge and set my lpr at 40 (which is just cocking the ram back plus a 1/4 turn), then 50, then 60. each time i started w/hp at 150, and adjusted it until i got good fps.

it was tough to get it firing up to speed w/the dwell so low, but i didnt want to make it higher for fear of poor effeciency. i really wasnt able to get it firing up to speed until around 50-60lp.

interestingly, i would get identical fps at WAY different pressures; once at lp~60, 120hp and 190hp would produce the same fps (just not quite fast enough). 150hp seemed 'in the middle' and produced the best speed. i then bumped up the lp another 5/10 psi and she runs around +/- 7 or so at 285fps (although i have new regs).

did i do this correctly?!? it's beginning to make sense, but like i said, im still a bit confused as this is my first time 'tuning' a gun.... thx for all the help!!

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