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Originally posted by Shadow221
I have to correct the 2 posts above. There's no such thing as a standard tank. there's either a CO2 siphon tank a CO2 anti-siphon tank(both screw in) a screw in nitro tank, and a railmount nitro tank. Anything can be used on a vertical adapter except railmount nitro. It's just not recommended to use anti-siphon.
From page 13 of the AGD 68 Automag/ Minimag Level 7 Manual, 1998:

"For vertical tank and remote vertical tank setups, always use standard tanks that have been weight checked to ensure proper fills."


"Remote tanks should be standard (Neither siphon nor anit-siphon)"

I'm inclined to trust AGD's manual.

(The E-Mag/RT body thing I was not sure about)
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