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Infractions FAQ

As many of you are already aware, the site has recently been upgraded. With this upgrade, several new features have been rolled out. The one that's been the most prevalent and most asked about is Infractions.

What is the Infraction System?

A little bit of history first. Part of the duties of a moderator is to review posts that are reported to us and answer user complaints. In the past, minor rule violations (such as trolling, flaming, language issues) were handled with a Formal Warning via PM. This methodology was unreliable as there was no way to track how many warnings a particular user had and no method of quality control to ensure that a user didn't get PM's from multiple moderators over a minor infraction.

The new system corrects both problems. Moderators can now target individual posts and use the automated feature to issue an Infraction/Warning. This is now recorded for moderators to monitor.

How long do infractions last?

For the time being they are permanent.

I received an infraction yesterday for <insert offense here> what does this mean?

It means that something in your post was inappropriate and in violation of the rules. A moderator noticed it or it was brought to our attention and the infraction was given.

How many infractions does it take before I get banned?

As of today, we haven't decided yet. I don't think there will be a hard and fast threshold since every infraction needs to be looked at and taken with a bit of understanding and evaluated differently. If certain members have too many infractions in a particular area or too many that are particularly troublesome, then they may receive a ban. As a tangent to this, we reserve the right to avoid giving an infraction all together and go straight for the ban in certain cases.

This is stupid, why did I get an infraction for swearing or language? The swear filter caught the word in my post and starred it out.

The swear filter is there to block out words, however it is not there to enable you to curse like a drunken sailor with the intent of having the filter catch every word. Our rules are clear that profanity is not allowed...whether it's caught by the filter or not. If you want to make a point use the smilie. Rules concerning language are posted below:

Inappropriate Language
Profanity is not allowed. Language describing illegal or sexual acts or anything else deemed inappropriate by the staff is also not allowed. Using any method to avoid the swear filter will result in an immediate ban.
Infractions are retarded, why are you harassing us about things we were allowed to do before?

This is a bit of a fallacy as members weren't allowed to break the rules before, but some violations may have slipped through the cracks. Just because you might have gotten away with something in the past is no guarantee that you will in the future. If you break the rules expect an infraction. We are trying to keep this site to a G, or at the very worst PG rating. We have kids, families and affiliates visiting here regularly and negative behaviors detract from the site.

Are Agents/Moderators exempt from this?

No. We are members as well. If we break the rules, we can expect infractions from Moderators/Andrew.

I'll add other questions/comments/explanations as they arise.
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