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Ok, well I tried to go back to my post and add in a second immage. But, I clicked on the wrong option, edited, and it erased my first pic. I tried to just add them both again, but I was not given the option of attaching a file for some reason. So, this is why I'm posting again.

Never got my 12v, that fool on e-bay never sent it. Good thing I used a money order. Went back to the spot in the desert where we play, still no sign of my J&J. I think I may have left it on my tailgate, and it fell off on the road. I don't know why I didn't notice it
Ok, so I put the shroud back on, because I think it looks good with the yellow paint.
pollished internals, and noise reducing mods.

You gunna paint the shroud on your flatline?
Nah, I like the yellow/Black mix. (Didn't want to post another text reply.)
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