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Date of Event: Saturday and Sunday, October 28th & 29th 12:00pm to 12:00pm
Location: Knights Crossing Paintball Field in Commerce, Georgia

A Bad Moon has risen over Atlanta. Two rival gangs, the Tenchus and Summoners dominate the Atlanta streets. Tensions between the two gangs have risen to a fever pitch in the last month. Both gang leaders wanted the other one dead, and that has happened. The chain of command in both gangs has now been eliminated by the other on the same night.

Now the gangs, both without guidance battle each other with a burning hatred in the streets. Chaos rules the city, gangs are engaged in open gunfights in the streets and buildings, open gang warfare moves on anyone or anything that moves in the streets.

With chaos ruling the city, the Federal Government has dispatched a small group of law enforcement officers, with specialized skills and talents to clean up the city. Will either gang organize into a potent fighting force and rule the city as a bunch of thugs OR will the police force clean up the city ?

Only YOU have the ability to change the outcome of this Real Time Strategy Game. Who will take over the city of Atlanta?

Prizes, Game Props, Pyrotechnics, Role-playing and Awards Ceremony

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