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Ion VS Promaster....please read

I think this argument goes back as much as electra vs ion. but after reading many threads and many reviews I cannot decide. I'm not much into spending $200+ only to find out that I need to spend another $50 -100 to get the marker working in good condition. So my question is Ion vs PM, I know PM has a slightly bigger kick, but ION has a crappy stock trigger and will need a qev. It seems like the stock board in PM is more adjustable than ION which would be nice. But the PM will need an ASA and hose. The ion is $200 while the PM is $225.

I know im going to get a ton of "look at this thread" which is fine, but if someone has shot both I want your opinion. Im not looking to updrade too much so the ION's massive aftermarket following really isn't exciting for me. I just want a #1 reliable, #2 accurate, #3 low maitenance/not hard to maintane, #4 fun maker.
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