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Originally Posted by DRCTHIRD View Post
You mentioned about the Electra vs. the Ion....there's no comparison. the ion can way outperform the electra any day. The rocking trigger frame is overrated, and is very unreliable. Now, for the Ion vs. Promaster...I perfer the Ion over the Promaster simply because i have experience with the Ion. The Promaster is basicly the same gun except the body style. How can you say they're the same gun except body style? The Promaster is ram-driven, Ion is spool valve. Promaster is faster, and has a better board than the Ion. The Ion's trigger is magnetic while the Promaster's trigger is spring. They are two completely different guns.The Promaster, on the other hand, will not come with the q-lock feedneck, and the HPA line, which is about a $80 value. Only the 06 Ions I believe come with Q-lock, but even so thats just a $30 upgrade that the gun needs, the Promaster needs a feedneck, but after that it really doesn't need anything. Same thing goes for the ASA, its one of the few things a Promaster needs, and together a feedneck and ASA would cost approximately $65-ish.If you want to use Co2 with the marker you will have to buy a remote need this because liquid Co2 will run down and freeze the electronics. And that doesn't apply to an Ion how? Sure a Promaster is faster so it will be easier to freeze up, but if don't have enough money for an HPA tank after buying a $250 gun, then you shouldn't have bought the gun in the first place(this excludes the possibility if HPA isn't an available fill source).With the Ion, the QEV isn't a necessity, just an upgrade...and also the stock trigger is pretty damn good for a stock trigger. The Promaster is more efficient than the Ion, so for the Ion to be as efficient or more efficient than the Promaster, you would lneed to get a QEV. And no the stock trigger is horrible IMO. I know a lot of people who would say the same.
I'd definatly go with the Smart Parts Ion.
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