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Originally Posted by Algernon View Post
you shouldn't open your mouth unless you've shot both.

IMO: ion>pimp. ion>imp. ion>B2K. ion>angel LCD. ion>2K2 timmy.

i've shot those and i can stand by the above statement. unless the promaster shoots like an EGO, newer timmy or angel then i'm pretty sure i'd like the ion over a promaster too. i don't like popet valve markers with large cycling mass. i hate the way they feel.

some guys love popet valve markers and others hate spoolers. it's personal preference.
This tells me he has never shot any of those guns except the ion. Back on subject, Babustos hit the nail on the head.
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Originally Posted by TOAO_Cyrus View Post
Ok thanks for the tips. What is the advantage of getting Anti-Siphoned over Un-Anti-Siphoned?

PS which website is proshop? I did a google search but I keep getting golf equipment sites.
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