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Nxt Faq

Ok this is a little info about upgrades and compatibility of 06' SFT parts to 07' NXT parts.

This info comes from one of the engineers at Smart Parts and the Manager of the Tech department at Smart Parts.

SFT vs. NXT Compatible Parts list.

All internals are exactly the same. This is everything from the solenoid, wiring harness, bolt guide to the orings. The one exception is the HE bolt is now stock in all NXT shockers. All manufacturers of HE bolts will work in both the SFT and the NXT as well as stock bolts from the SFT.

SFT Q-lock will NOT work on the NXT.
NXT Q-lock will NOT work on the SFT.

There are completely new threads on the NXT. The thread is much larger (thicker) so it holds better. The NXT will have its own Feedneck and Smart Parts expects to have them out real quick. I’m sure other companies will do the same.

Grip Frame:
The SFT frame will work on the NXT.
The NXT frame will work on the SFT.

The SFT ASAs will work on the new NXT body.
The NXT ASAs will NOT work on the SFT bodies.

The SFT Triggers will NOT work on the NXT grip frame.
The NXT trigger will NOT work on the SFT grip frame.

SFT Ball detents will NOT work on the NXT.
NXT ball detents will NOT work on the SFT.

They are explained in the letter below.

Shocker NXT Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this the ’07 Shocker? – No, this is the Shocker NXT. Our product development cycles at Smart Parts are not dictated by marketing schedules or calendars. We believe that equipment counts. Because of that, we want our customers to know that when they see the Smart Parts logo, they are getting the best value possible – more features, more reliability, and more performance per dollar. To do that, we release a new product when it is ready, rather than just cranking out a paintgun with a year label, cosmetic changes and incompatible parts designed to encourage players to buy a replacement marker every winter. The Shocker NXT was born out of feature requests from professional paintball players who depend on the Shocker, and from our service technicians who work with players at all levels of the game from pro to first timers. This information was fed to our design and engineering teams – some of whom are active tournament and or scenario players, and some who are able to bring a fresh perspective from unrelated industrial design experience. Various feature components hit the field in prototype and team gun production form for heavy abuse from our sponsored teams. When everything came together, proven and synchronized, the time came to unveil the Shocker NXT.

The Shocker NXT has breakbeam eyes – why does the manual mention reflective eyes? – Most maintenance and operation procedures in the Shocker NXT manual can be applied to the Shocker NXT, Shocker SFT (which uses reflective Vision) or private label Shockers with some NXT components. Players choosing to install an older aftermarket circuit board which does not support break-beam Vision will need to switch their Shocker NXT over to use reflective eyes.

Does the Shocker NXT use the Ion Regulator? – Almost, but not exactly. When we designed the Ion vertical regulator, we developed an efficient structure that provided a greater flow volume and better consistency than any of our previous vertical regulators. The Shocker NXT vertical regulator is built around the same design, with a spring spacer to allow for a slightly different pressure range, an integrated velocity locking screw for tournament legal operation and a friction washer that allows its body to include decorative milling that aligns with the Shocker NXT body.

What parts of the Shocker NXT are backwards compatible? – Most of the major systems – the vertical regulator, the body, the grip frame and the bolt assembly are interchangeable between the Shocker NXT and Shocker SFT, meaning that many aftermarket parts are plug-and-play ready for the Shocker NXT. Some specific combinations are worth noting:

· A newer, more rugged threading standard connects the Shocker NXT with its feedneck.

· The Shocker NXT body works with either reflective or break-beam Vision eyes, however break-beam eyes are not compatible with earlier Shocker SFT bodies.

· Shocker NXT and Blackheart circuit boards manufactured after August 2006 are compatible with break-beam or reflective Vision, earlier boards only support reflective eyes.

· The four-point adjustable Shocker NXT trigger is not compatible with the Shocker SFT grip frame. Similarly Shocker SFT and most aftermarket Shocker SFT triggers will not operate or adjust properly in the Shocker NXT grip frame.

· If the Shocker SFT vertical regulator is installed in an SFT vertical adapter combined with a Shocker NXT grip frame, the trigger guard may get in the way of the regulator’s hose fitting during assembly. Removing the trigger frame, installing the regulator, and then reinstalling the trigger frame will allow these components to be used together.

Why does the Shocker NXT use the same barrel threads as the Impulse and Ion? – The great thing about standards is that everyone has them. With this latest generation of the Shocker design, we saw the opportunity to unite all of the Smart Parts paintball markers with the same thread specification. The same barrels and Freak backs will work on the Shocker NXT, Nerve, Impulse, Ion and SP-8.

New look with multi-axis milling
· Break-beam Vision
· Stronger feedneck threading
· Impulse/Ion barrel threading
· Integrated air system rail
· Increased vertical regulator flow rate and consistency
· High Efficiency Bolt/Valve assembly
· Integrated, removable snatch grip
· Four point, externally adjustable trigger
· Dual bearing trigger pivot
· Threaded trigger and circuit board mount pins
· Forward offset vertical regulator mount
· Trigger guard with increased fingerspace
· Sculpted plunger style dual ball detent assemblies
· Harder anodized finish
· Backwards compatibility

(I don't take credit for the typing information provided)
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