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!!RCX's Entire Store BLOWOUT SALE! Guns,gear,hoppers,barrels,paint,clothing, + more!!

Well guys I guess its time to list some things, for the past two years now things have been in a slump and if it wasnt for the field I would be screwed. Three break-ins and two instances of vandalism killed me this year and I need to change invintory to cash. Hurting this season so hopefully I can reverse that with a few sales here.

I know all of you are looking for the best deals, but when your buying from me your buying from someones local field. I'm not some kid (see 90% of the "dealers" in here) dropshipping things, what you see is current stock I have in the shop. Getting back on topic I'm still recovering from the thefts and vandalisms so if you can afford it go with the price listed, but contact me for best price, ultimatly I would like to make something on these things rather then break even but the chances of that are slim to none knowing most of the people here on PBN.


1) All the items you see are STOCKED by me and not dropshipped, I'm not some kid living with mommy and daddy dropshipping items and screwing over real business owners, I'm a store and field thats brick and mortar. All items are FOR SALE LOCALLY and stock is subject to change if an item is purchased locally
2) Paypal or CCs only, I can accept other methods but only if arrangements have been made in advance.
3) I'm not here to waste your time, I ask that you do not waste mine. If your not looking to buy, then please don't ask for prices on everything cause you are "thinking of buying this" and/or "going to be buying it in like three or four months". Treat me with respect and I will treat you with respect.
4) All items are availible for local pickup, if local pick up is used items are subject to a $3.00 pick up fee. Items can be picked up during normal business hours.
5) All items shipped have a $3.00 fee attached to the shipping charge. This is for INSURANCE on the package and to cover expenses of packing material and such.
6) All items are shipped via UPS, they can be expressed however express shipping is extra...that means if I say "so-and-so is xxx.xx shipped" that means basic ground shipping.
7) You pay paypal fees unless prior arrangements are made.
8) All items are NIB unless stated otherwise.
9) No Trades except the ones listed, if your item does not match the criteria of what I post (IE yellow profiler...) dont post it (that means I dont want a red profiler).
10) I'm not a shady seller, I've been running a store and field for eight years and counting. I'm not going to jeapordise my business over your .50 barrel plug. I don't ship first, plain and simple. You pay, I ship end of story.
11) Tracking numbers/referance numbers are given after payment is made, this allows you to begin tracking your package within 5 min after you pay.
12) Contact me for best prices.
13) When making a purchase I will provide: Name, phone number, address, email, work phone, and feedback. I ask you do the same, I am an honest seller that prides himself in doing fast easy transactions. No shady ****, just good transactions.
14) Contact me on colours and options
15) Please post here before PMing me
16) I am PayPal Verified, all transactions, emails, and PMs are printed and saved incase if something comes up later on down the road. The way my tracking system works all paypal claims are closed within a week as I can provide proof and progress of the package from within five minutes of when you paid.
17) Free ups are appreciated, if you free up my thread and you have a thread PLEASE let me know and I will repay the up.
18) Please keep a quote from previous PMs in your PM as so I can easily see what we are talking about and refering to. If you do not I am not required to honor prices stated previously.
19) All Prices are in USD
20) Please allow a short period for me to get back to you.


To all the mods/admins/and whatnot all prices abide by current MAP standards and/or factory authorized sales. Any questions PLEASE contact me.

Again contact me for colours and options and Best Price!

**EDIT** I was going to post photos but after I got all this typed up I figured this was enough work for one day **EDIT**

If your looking at something please for ease of answers speak english as best as possible and at least type with your fingers...

Its appreciated that if you post or send me a PM you use this format:

Originally Posted by A Good Buyer
Hey I'm looking for the best price on these items:

J&J Edge Starter Kit $67.00
Ion With: Virtue board, Virtue Lazer Eyes, Virtue QEV, Virtue EZ on/off button $349.95
Hybrid Camo Grips $25.99
V-Force Profiler Goggle $68.95

and shipping quote to: California, 90210
And finally....Thanks for looking!


2007 Evil Shocker $1,050.00
2007 Dynasty NXT Shocker $1,050.00
2007 Shocker NXT $699.00
2007 Russian Legion Shocker $1,095.00

Ion $199.95
Ion With Dynasty Body Kit $325.00
Ion With: Virtue board, Virtue Lazer Eyes, Virtue QEV, Virtue EZ on/off button $349.95

DM6 Ironman $1,249.95
DM6 $1,199.95
PM6 $724.95
Evil Minion Marker $699.00

Angel One $1,199.00
Angel One Fade $1,249.00

Planet Eclipse Ego 2006 $1,125.00
Planet Eclipse Ego 2006 NEXUS (Italy) $1,695.00
Planet Eclipse Etek Marker $750.00

Tiberius 8 Pistol (TAC-8) In Black $239.95 - Extra mags, holster, and accessories available.

TIPPMANN 98s (With ACT), Availible with E-Grip, RT, Scenario Package [stock, M-16 kits etc], remotes, and flatlines, also in PRO and camo and colours...Please contact me

TIPPMANN A5s , Availible with E-Grip, RT, Scenario Package [stock, M-16 kits etc], remotes, and flatlines, also in camo and colours...Please contact me

Kingman Mr2 $189.95


Evil Pipe Kit $39.99

J&J Edge All Star Kit $72.00
J&J Edge Elite Kit $77.00
J&J Edge Starter Kit $67.00

Redz PepperStick Kit $59.99 - $119.00
Redz Chop Stix Kit $84.99

2006 All American Freak Kit Dust $149.95
2006 All American Freak Kit Polish $149.95
2006 Freak Kit Dust $149.95
2006 Freak Kit Polish $149.95

Upgrades WDP Angel

WDP G7 Fly 45 Grip Frame $39.99

Upgrades DM5/6/PM5/6

Virtue DM6 Board $159.99
Virtue PM6 Board $159.99

Dye Color Kit DM6 $123.95
Dye Color Kit DM5/DMC $123.95
Proto Matrix Color Kit $104.95

Dye Ultralite Frame $227.95
Proto Ultralite Frame $227.95

CP PM6 Trigger Rake $32.99
CP PM6 Trigger Sling $32.99
CP DM6 Trigger Rake $32.99
CP DM6 Trigger Sling $32.99
CP DM5 Roller Trigger $32.99

Upgrades EGO 05/06

Virtue Board Ego 05 $159.99
Virtue Board Ego 06 $159.99

NDZ Ego Adjustable Ram Cap $22.99
PE 06 Color Upgrade Kit $74.99
PE Break Beam Eyes $34.99
PE EGO Exhaust Valve $29.99
PE Ego Solenoid $89.00

NDZ 05 Ego Roller Trigger $37.95
NDZ 06 Ego Roller Trigger $34.95
CP Ego 2006 Trigger Rake $29.95
CP Ego 2006 Trigger Sling $29.95

Upgrades HYBRID grips

Hybrid Lady Grips $25.99
Hybrid Camo Grips $25.99
Hybrid 05 EGO Grips $19.99
Hybrid 06 EGO Grips $19.99
Hybrid Contract Killer Grips $25.99
Hybrid Generation 6 Grips $25.99

Upgrades ION

ION Black Heart Board $99.95
Virtue Ion Board $129.99

NDZ Alien Metal Body Ion $109.95
NDZ Alien Reg Sleeve Ion $18.99
NDZ Diamond Metal Body Ion $89.95
NDZ Flame Metal Body Ion $109.95
NDZ Flame Reg Sleeve Ion $27.99
NDZ Vortex Metal Body Ion $99.95
NDZ Vortex Reg Sleeve Ion $18.99

Powerlyte Ion Aluminum Body Kit Fade $84.95
Powerlyte Ion Aluminum Body Kit $69.95
Powerlyte Ion Regulator Cover $9.99

Shocktech Ion Body Kit Dusted $149.99
Shocktech Ion Body Kit Polished $149.99

Smart Parts Dynasty Ion Body $99.95
Smart Parts Ion Body Kit $34.95

NDZ Breech & Fire Can Cmbo $86.95
NDZ Ion Firing Can $32.95

Smart Parts Firebolt Ion Bolt $39.95
Redz Ion Bolt $34.95
Shocktech Super Fly Bolt Ion $49.99

Smart Parts Qlock Feed Neck $34.95

NDZ Hi Flow Donut $14.95
NDZ Ion Qev $17.95

Smart Parts ION Seal Kit $19.95

Virtue Ion Lazer Eye Blue $24.99
Virtue Ion Lazer Eyes Grn $24.99
Virtue Ion Lazer Eyes Red $24.99
Virtue Ion EZ On Button $9.99
Virtue Ion Membrane Wire $7.00
Virtue Ion Qev $17.99

CP Ion Trigger Rake $29.95
NDZ Blade Trigger $32.95
NDZ Roller Trigger $24.95
NDZ S-treme Trigger $32.95
NDZ Saw Blade Trigger $32.95
NDZ Wave Trigger $32.95

Shocker Upgrades

Virtue Board Shocker $159.99
Smart Parts Shocker Black Heart $99.95

NDZ Shocker Firing Can Low Pressure $42.95
NDZ Stinger Bolt Shocker $79.99
NDZ Shocker 15 Degree ASA $44.99
NDZ Stainless Steel Ported Plate $38.99
NDZ Talon Snatch Shocker $24.95
Smart Parts Hi Efficiency Bolt Kit $94.95


DYE 2006 ATC Cleat $80.95
Mantis 2006 Cleat $54.99

More in post below!!!
This Summer rSecks is...


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