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Proto 05 Gloves $27.85
Evil 06 Glove $32.99
JT 2006 Limited Edition Glove $34.95
Planet Eclipse Distortion Glove 06 (Only Large or bigger sizes) $14.99
Redz Comfort Gloves $29.71
Redz Envy Gloves 06 $29.71
WDP Performance Gloves $39.99


06 Dye Element Jacket $75.95
06 Dye Softshel Jacket $75.95
06 Dye Ultralite Jacket $66.95


All Bunker King T-shirts Including: Baseball, Blue 187, Caddy, Clockwork Orange, Machine Gun Crew, Bruce Lee, Pulp Fiction, Robot, ScarFace, Simply, War, We Kill Suckers, and X RAY T-Shirts $19.95

All Hybrid T-Shirts $18.99


2005 Proto Jersey $24.99
2006 DYE C6 Jersey $61.95
2006Evil Jersey $49.95
2007 JT Limited Edition Jersey $52.95
2006 Planet Eclipse Distortion Jersey $49.95
2006 Redz Envy Jersey $39.99
2006 Smart Parts Defender Jersey $44.99
2006 Smart Parts Fighter Jersey $39.95
WDP 4 Play Short Sleeve $19.99
WDP At6 Airtime Jersey $39.99


DYE C5 Player Pants $99.00
DYE C6 Player Pants $137.95

2006 Proto Pants $75.95
2005 Proto Pants $65.05

2006 Evil Pants $79.95

JT Camo Team Pants $109.99 - SOLD OUT
JT Team Pants - FREE JT CLEATS! $79.99

PE Destructor Pants $145.00
PE Egear Pants 06 $110.00

2006 Redz Envy Pants $59.99

Smart Parts Defender Pants - FREE JT CLEATS $96.95
Smart Parts Fighter 3 Pants - FREE JT CLEATS $62.95


DYE 2006 Explorer $137.95
DYE 2006 Trainer Duffle Bag $37.95

Proto 2006 Large Gear Bag $137.70

Evil 2006 Duffle Bag $34.99
Evil 2006 Messenger Bag $45.99
Evil 4 Day Roller $109.00

NXE Elevation Executive $159.00
NXE Elevation Marker Bag $49.99
NXE Executive Dynasty $159.95
NXE Elevation Rover $119.00

2006 PE Gear Bag Camo $129.00


DYE 2006 I3 SALE - Free hat,towel, and sticker from DYE $69.95
DYE Invision 3 Goggle 07 $85.95
Proto Axis Goggle $85.95

JT Flex 8 Camo Thermal $59.99
JT Flex 8 Thermal Goggle $59.95
JT Proflex Thermal C2 $65.00
JT Proflex Thermal Goggle $65.00

V-Force Se Profiler Goggle $79.95
V-Force Profiler Goggle $68.95


CP 4+3+2 Mid Player Pack $39.99

2006 Proto Pack 3 Down $44.95
2006 Proto Pack 4 Down $47.00
2006 Proto Pack 4+3 $50.95

DYE C5 Adjustable Pack $71.95

JT Pro Series Harness $24.99
JT Tournament Harness $24.99

NXE Avalanche Elevation 3+2+2 $59.99
NXE Avalanche Elevation 4+3+2 $64.99
NXE Dynasty Elevation 3+2+2 $59.99
NXE Dynasty Elevation 4+3+2 $64.99
NXE Elevation 2+1+2 $44.99
NXE Elevation 3+2+2 $44.99
NXE Elevation 4+3+2 $49.99
NXE Strange Elevation 3+2+2 $59.99
NXE Strange Elevation 4+3+2 $64.99

Redz Envy Pack 323 $45.99
Redz Envy Pack 424 $55.99

Smart Parts Sprint Pack 3+2 $44.95
Smart Parts Sprint Pack 4+3 $49.95


ViewLoader Evlution 2 Black Egg $59.00
ViewLoader Evlution 2 Smoke Egg $61.00

WE HAVE EGG3s instock and ready to ship!
ViewLoader Evlution 3 Black Egg $79.99
ViewLoader Evlution 3 Smoke Egg $79.99

ViewLoader Vlocity Loader Black $129.99
ViewLoader Vlocity Loader Smoke $129.99

View Loader Evlution Shell $14.99

VLOCITY COLOUR SHELL KITS are instock and ready to ship!
ViewLoader Vlocity Shell Kit $34.99

Powerlyte Cranium Halo Shell $34.95
Hybrid Suicide Halo Shells $44.95
Hybrid Suicide Shell Gen 2 $44.95
Odyssey Halo Body Kit $19.99

Tanks - Please Tell Me HP or LP

Centerflag 68/3000 $159.00

Crossfire 45ci 4500 PSI $189.00
Crossfire 68ci 3000 PSI $159.00
Crossfire 68ci 4500 PSI $184.99
Crossfire 92ci 4500 PSI $195.99

DYE Throttle 45/4500 $227.95

Evil 45cu 5k Screw In $195.00

Pure Energy 45ci 4500 PSI $189.50
Pure Energy 68ci 3000 PSI $129.99
Pure Energy 68ci 4500 PSI $205.00
Pure Energy 88ci 4500 PSI $169.00


Bottom Line Torpedo Regulator Chrome $59.99
CP Reg Adjustable, Long or short, w or w/o guage slot in colours $59.95
DYE Hyper2 Inline Reg $108.55
Planet Eclipse Star Reg $69.99


CP Direct Mount On/off $45.99
CP On/off Adaptor $34.99
CP Perfect Rail Drop $22.99

CIP Unis $34.95

Proto Air Port On/off $37.95

Hybrid Bleeder Push Button $39.99


DYE 10x10 Pop-up Tent $150.00
Evil Large Tent 10ftx20ft $199.00

Radar Chronograph (Tabletop red chrono) $239.00
Sport Sensor Hand Chrono (Hand held yellow chrono) $69.99
Advanced Hand Chrono (Has added features and uses 9v battery) $69.99

I have two compressors for sale, one was our main proshop compressor and the other was a "remote location" otherwords it was for when we did events like the fair and other places requiring us to move the compressor around details below:

9 Cubic Feet Per Minute Compressor (3 stage, 5000psi max output) runs on Electric (7.5 h, but I can have it switched over to gas (9hp) when I send it in for maintance before I sell it. It has both pressure switches and autodrain already installed so its pretty much a turn it on and forget about it set up. Trusty Compressor, less then ten hours on it. PLEASE CONTACT ME FOR FULL DETAILS. I am including 2 bulk tanks, the cascade system, and a really nice push button fill station (maker unknown). Its a full on set up just hook it up and turn it on and its ready. It will have a full service job done by the manufact. before it ships and is 100% working and reliable, it also comes with lifetime tech support and is still under manufact. warrenty. Bear in mind its a full set up, I am looking for 10,500$ but I am willing to take offers on it. I WILL NOT PART IT OUT. Great compressor for a LARGE FIELD or someone who wants to be able to do a good ammount of fills per hour (IE store/proshop). Serious people only please.

5 Cubic Feet Per Minute Compressor, Made by Alkin. Gas powered, New has less then 30 min. on the counter (it has an hour meter and shows "0" but its been run for under 30 min). Comes with 2 bulk tanks, and cascade system, and two little fill stations. A good compressor for a SMALL field or a team. Again its the full set up and its just take it out of the crate and hook it up and turn it on. WILL NOT PART OUT, want 6,400$ for it, but willing to entertain offers. Serious people only please.

Netting, I have a account sent up with one of the major net manufactures and I can drop ship net directly to you. Rolls are 300 feet long (NOTHING SHORTER) and are NEW, they come either normal or taped and grommeted and in Hights of 12 feet or 20 feet please contact me.

Bunkers, I have an account set up with Sup Air and I can have bunkers drop shipped directly to you, bunkers come in FULL KITS (not singles) and range in sizes from 3 man, 5 man, 7 man, and tournament fields (NPPL, PSP...etc)

PAINTBALLS, hey teams, players...Want better prices on paint? I use Karnage and Procaps (Draxxus, Xball..etc) paints at my field and do a large volume with them. Thus I get better then normal rates. I can have skids (100 cases) dropshipped DIRECT FROM THE FACTORY to you. I will not do any less then a skid, again NOTHING LESS THEN A SKID. By doing a skid you get the best pricing, so get some friends together and pool your cash, or teams let me know when you need paint and I can have a skid to you at the prices you want and deserve. SERIOUS PEOPLE ONLY! Skids can be mix-and-match on paint.

I also have a friend who works for a company that makes high quality turf with built in padding. Some the best turf around, selling for 3.00 a square foot + shipping. PLease only serious inqueries on the turf. Samples availible, if your asking for samples please PM me with: Name, phone number, address, and total square footage your going to need and how soon and I will forward it on and he will give you a call and then send out samples.
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