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The Revenge Of The Sand Spider

North American Woodsball Leauge's
Terror Attack 2006 Series...
A 24 Hour Strategic Woodsball Scenario Game.
The Revenge of The Sand Spider !!!
November 18th - 19th noon to noon
At the end of our Terror Attack 2006 Game, The Terrorist fearless leader known as the "Sand Spider" and one of his younger psycho sucide bombers that had a nuke strapped to his back, had made a quick exit from the final battle.
Intel reports that the Nuke would not accept the detonation codes and they did not want the counter terrorist unit to take there only remaning nuke.
Further reports stated that the Sand Spider was shot. A group of his loyal terrorist had been seen carrying the Sand Spider away from the final battle.
NAWL - Triad Paintball - Vengeance Paintball Distributors & Fernandina Beach Florida's Biggest Scenario Team " TEAM VENGEANCE" are in the process of building the all new CAMP NAWL>
CAMP NAWL will be the Elite Woodsball Scenario Field in the NorthEast Florida and SouthEast Georgia Area.
Featuring 50 plus acres of battle grounds, A hyper ball field that doubles as a village leading to "THE PENTAGON" one of the Camps main bases with over 5000 square feet of area inside, 5 watch towers, Transport garage for team tanks, and armory, command post, detention center all being seperate areas inside the Pentagon. Camaras, land mines, Trap Doors, Lights for night play. One wall of the Pentagon will be set up with a second story that is secured for spectators to witness the massive pentagon battles... CENTER FIELD FEATURES and old gutted mobile home that will be used as a netrual base, multiple rooms and a center watch tower. Various other bases, forts, bunkers, trenches, hyper pipe set up throughout the whole course.
Camping no hookups.
Plenty of great food and drinks at great prices.
Check out NAWL and what we are trying to do for the paintball / woodsball playing community.
Our games are fundraisers to help our club operate on a national level.
$35 Pre Register
$55 At the Gate
$15 Weekend Co2/HPA
Field Paint Only Vengeance Paintball Distributors XO Paintballs
$50 Hot Box $60 V-1 $65 Menace
$ 7 Atomic Ordinance Big Boy Grenades

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