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Post Operation Justice

The reporter shifted his jacket in an attempt to keep out the wind, but ended up just letting it flap as the red light on the camera lit to indicate he was live on TV. This was the moment to make his career. Finally, he was in the right place at the right time.

“This is John Jones reporting from Caracas, Venezuela. Reports are still unclear, but it seems that no end is in sight for the standoff between the US and President Hugo Chavez. This entire incident stems from an attack nearly two weeks ago on the USS Yorktown, a guided missile cruiser somewhere near international waters off the coast of Venezuela. Initial reports stated that an attack was launched while the Yorktown responded to a distress call from a stricken fishing vessel.

“US officials have confirmed that the USS Yorktown was struck by at least one surface-to-surface missile. In addition, they have confirmed that the vessel is in an undisclosed port in Venezuela. President Chavez has stated that the vessel was attacked by unknown forces and then requested assistance. As a result it was towed into port. US officials state that the vessel was boarded and taken as an act of war. At this point, the US is allowing UN diplomatic channels to continue to negotiate the release and return of both the US ship and crew…”

President Chavez leaned back from the TV and chuckled. “See, I told you the Americans did not have the will to attack us. This will elevate Venezuela in the eyes of the world. Finally, we have stood up to them. This will be a month long remembered in our history.” President Chávez’s advisors all nodded and grinned.

To the west of the Presidential retreat, 1500 meters to the west to be exact, a bush moved the slightest bit in the breeze. Captain William Morgan looked down the sights of his Barrett M107 and focused in on the head of Chavezadvisor's. “IChavezt would be so easy to take you out,” he whispered.

“Yes, it would,” his spotter Thomas replied, but that is not our job. “I know,” replied Morgan, but mark my words; I’ll get him before this is over”

Morgan pressed his comm bead button, “This is Canary One calling home base, I have the package in sight. Request permission to engage.” It couldn’t hurt to ask anyway, he thought.

“Canary One this is home base. Permission denied. Keep target in site, but continue with secondary objective.”

“Affirmative home base. Spot-lighting targets now.”

Well, Morgan thought, I might not get you now, but at least you are going to learn what it means to screw with the US. Morgan grinned as the first of the bombs hit the outlying buildings his team was designating. Operation Justice had begun…

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