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i've been looking to get a new bolt for my 3.5E, it eats o-rings so i'd like to get a delrin anti-chop one, well i was checking out this site where i usually get my gear and they had a few spyper ones, i assumed that they'd fit since most part are interchangable between spyder and jt but i asked them and their response was that none of them will.

well, i saw that you've written that most spyder bolts will fit and since i dont really think they know what they always know talking about where i asked i thought i might aswell ask here

they had these four different ACS bolts,

1. Raven Nexion, Spyder Pilot, Spyder TL-X och Spyder TL-R
2. Spyder Fenix
3. Spyder E-99, E-99 Avant, Spyder Flash, Flash w/ LCD, Spyder Rodeo, Shutter, Xtra, Spyder Aggressor, Aggressor XT, Spyder TL och TL Plus
4. Spyder Imagine, Spyder Esprit, Spyder Victor och Victor II

are there any special spyder model you know will fit or can i get whichever?
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