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04 Superstock FS/FT

!!This is a 2003 Superstock not a 2004 Superstock.!!

This is one of my teamates guns, works and shoots great. Its at a shop right now as I type to make sure everything is in good working order. Its a 03 Superstock with a Samurai blade trigger.

Edit!!Gun came back from the shop, everything was fine. A new eye ribbon was installed because the old one wasent working to 100%. Now the gun is in PERFECT working order and looks like its brand new. Lets get this thing sold.!!

$200 OBO

Looking for Ions, stock or not, im intrested.
Anything else above Ions, I can add some.
No Tippy's, BKO's, B2K's, Spyder's, etc.

Post here before pm'ing me please, so I can keep track of who you are.
I deal with mature people who can type, if your not the following. Sorry
In the case of a trade, pics are needed on your end.
More pics can be taken around Friday or so of this week. (10/13)
Feedback in my sig, along with a flawless ebay feedback link.
No Paypal, my friend doesnt have it...and its to much of a hassle for him to get it.

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