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Have dust black parts (listed below)... want gold, gloss black, grey, purple, red, origin colors, anything, entertain me.

What I have is....

c-lever (whole feedneck) - you dont have to have a c-lever, but i would rather trade with a c-lever
eye covers
lpr cap
star reg (not swivel, the other 2 peices, bottom and middle)
sl66 on/off knob
critical ram cap
cp trigger

I will throw in the cp trigger and critical ram cap for only $10.

So if we were to trade you'd add $10 and youd get a critical adjustable ram cap and a cp trigger w/ lucky trigger pin, while you send me your stock of both.

Also, if you have the stock barrel, to trade as well, Ill throw in a .689 dust black Lucky 15 for another $15.

So if you added $25 to your trade with ur stock parts, u'd be getting a critical ram cap (dust black), cp trigger (dust black) and Lucky 15 .689 (dust black)

Ill even throw in a free gba blackout screw kit!

Your making out here!!!!

PM me if ur interested.

I will do a straight trade to anyone with aqua origin parts!!!!! Or any other cool color that sparks my interest ~ even some stock colors!!!!!
Including my Lucky 15!!!!!

If any of you recognize me from the eclipse forums on pbn before I was put bos, youd know Im a very trustworthy person and am not going to scam you on this deal!!!!

I had 65+ feedback then it was deleted by the pbn homomods.
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