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if you want a quick way to make your marker full auto mechanically, just put a pin in the oval slot on the trigger sear to keep it from moving back and forth. cut the pin to 1/4" length and make sure it is 1/8" in diameter or less. This will keep the sear from moving off of the trigger when it is pulled and keeps the sear from engaging the bolt until the trigger is released. This again will give you full auto but to return to semi auto you will have to take the gun back apart and remove the pin. If you want another way just go to Tippmann and order another trigger sear the one that comes with the egrip. It doesn't have an oval slot it only has a straight pin hole. This will make the unit fire full auto because the sear will always stay on the trigger and rock up and down and not back and forth. The price is I believe 10.00 plus 3 bucks shipping. This is for the T98's and A-5's and will work on any other marker with the same trigger sear design. Remember to look at your sear and make sure you order the right one. The older model 98's have an extention spring with loops on the ends, the new models have a compression spring. The sears are different for each. Another problem that you will have is getting your balls to load fast enough. Because allowing your bolt to just bounce back and forth like this speeds the gun to 30+bps. and the cyclone will stop operation after so many rounds because of back pressure. So if you want to be sure that you get a good feed you will need the Q-loader it is capable of feeding 30+bps. Give a message if you have any questions. Happy
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