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Back player advice:

first thing, if u can, off the start shoot a full hopper into the sweetspots and try and keep there back players pinned so your front players can get postion. after like 30 seconds, communicate and figure out who is shooting where and which front player needs your help the most. coordinate all moves with the front player nearest you, ie he needs to know where everyone is and he shouldnt move unless you are covering his arse. if the other teams front players appear to be eliminated, check with your team to make sure and then organize a move onto their mid/back players.

as to communication, scope out the field before hand and give each bunker a code name based on how it looks. for example, where i play thee is a bunker that looks like one of those 3d doritos, and everyone at the field knows that when i say "left dorito is hot," that there is someone pinning me from the dorito-shaped bunker on the left.
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