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hehe yeah I am, thanks man. I'll have this stickied in the ultimate FAQ. I'll edit this post with more info lata, maybe tonight. Here's a little bit for now.
Q: What are the different firing modes on the Promaster?

A: Semi-auto, normal ramping, NXL style ramping (full auto) and PSP ramping (three-shot burst).

Q: What does dwell mean?

A: It is the amount of time the solenoid keeps the ram in the forward position when firing. Higher dwell causes more air to be used per shot, incresing velocity but decreasing efficiency. It is recommended that you keep your dwell at its stock setting unless you upgrade your PM with a new valve or ram.

Q: What kind of barrel threads does the PM have?

A: cocker or timmy threads, which are the same things.

Q: Can the Promaster run on CO2?

A: The Promaster is meant to be used with HPA (high pressure air). CO2 can wear out the o-rings and possibly damage the solenoid. If HPA fills are available in your area, get HPA. If you MUST run your gun off CO2 because HPA fills are not available in your area, get your CO2 tank antisiphoned and put at least one Palmer stabilizer (or other regulator that is good with CO2) on your gun to prevent any liquid CO2 from getting into the guns itself. For more info about running CO2, click here. That thread deals with B2K's, but the info all pertains to Promasters as well.

Q: What are the differences between the Lasoya Promaster and the regular Promaster?

A: Click here (coutesy of MecTurtleCocker)

Q: My gun didn't come with an owner's manual. Where can I find one?

A: ICD's website,, has manuals for all their guns in pdf format. The Promaster manual is here

Q: How can I set up the regs on my Promaster for the best efficiency and consistency?

A: I've got just the thread for you. It deals with B2K's, but applies to Promasters as well. Click here
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