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First Shot Drop-Off (FSDO)

If your marker is pressurized and has not been fired for a long time, FSDO is normal. Check for a problem if your marker has been fired recently and is still experiencing FSDO.

1. Improper Dwell setting.
2. Cylinder/Solenoid needs lubrication.
3. Cylinder/Solenoid is over-lubricated.
4. Marker is dirty.
5. Improper regulator settings.
6. Small leak.
7. Dead or weak battery.
8. Replace the -016 O-Ring on the LP regulator body.

The promaster Manual can be downloaded here:
Need adobe reader to open it-

For a guide to taking apart and lubing the Lasoya Promaster's Vigilante inline regulator, click here

Promaster Upgrades:

Low pressure Regulators(uses bushmaster lpr's)

Promaster LPR Volumizer- - heard to stay away from this LPR, think there is a a few bugs that need to be worked out with it

Sonic LPR- - very consistent, small and easy to clean.

AKA SCM-III LPR- - very consistent, one of the best Lprs on the market today

Promaster micro rock LPR Kit- - very solid built and is also consistent but it only comes in chrome/silver

Valves (uses bushmaster valves)

Zenitram Valve- High flow and very well built. (out of production)

Vapor Valve - high flowing and has a black magic cup seal which has a life time warranty not to leak.

Ebay valve Similar to the vapor valve just doesn't have the black magic cup seal. People have had very mixed experiences with this valve. Buy at your own risk.

Empire Pressure Balance Valve -wouldn't recommend this valve b/c of all the leaking issues it is having

Macdev Red Valve - Excellent high flowing valve from Macdev, performance is comparable to Zenitram and Vapor valves.

Bolts and bolt pins

Vapor bolt - good bolt replacment if you are having blow back issues

Alamo city paintball bolt - these bolts are very good and are relatively cheap, can get you bolt in multiple color with or without o rings

Ebay Delrin bolt pins - this is a good upgrade if your stock pin is rubbing up against the ano and damaging it.


Promaster Low Pressure Cylinder - yields lower pressures to run your gun which makes it more efficient and help lower your guns kick

Triggers(yes, it uses freestyle style triggers)triggers are all opinion

Pro Trigger

Naughty Dog Trigger

Cp trigger

Vaporworks S-4 Bearing Trigger

FBM Delrin Trigger

Lazer Eye upgrades

Vapor lazer eyes - this upgrade serves no performance advantage just makes it look cool.

Promaster Boards

Promaster Kila Drive Board -16 Firings modes including 3 different Breakout modes, 12 Programmable settings including SSR(Shot Sequence Registration) technology,Ramp activation point, H-delay, Fully adjustable ROF, Failed eye ROF, Debounce, Mecahnical bounce, Bolt delay, and Easy switch from Semi to PSP. Free lifetime software upgrades

NOX Promaster Board - i think the board is 10x better then any on that market and it pretty inexpensive too!

2k7 Chaos Board - Vaporworks' newest Chaos board, can be used in the Promaster. Has adjustable ramp settings and many others. V-link cable can be purchased separately to hook board up to your computer to change settings, but trigger programming can be used as well.


Kila Instinct TM magnetic detent system -replaces the promaster's eye covers and in the covers there are adj magnetic detents, have them on my borg they work very well.


CCM adj feednecks - made by a company you can trust, very well built

AKA Clamping Feedtube (its under the b2k feedneck) - 20 bucks for a great adj feed neck that is made by aka.

Note: Promasters use ICD threaded feednecks. Websites sometimes list them as "B2K" or "freestyle" threads as well. They are all the same threads. ICD threads are similar to Impulse threads, so many Impulse threaded feednecks will fit, but they present an increased risk of stripping the feedneck threads on your gun. Therefore Impulse threaded feednecks or "Impulse/Ion/ICD" threaded feednecks (feednecks which are advertised as fitting all three of these markers) are not recommended.

Promaster Operation animation
Sunset Sonic Cyorg #181, stock sonic NOX'ed, kila detents

Black b2k4 w/ pds


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