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Like what many people said in this thread, use the enviroment to your advantage. Many people don't realize it, but the reason that people like woods ball is because its is not predictable. Speedball is flat, has bunkers, and no cover. There is no advantages except for ROF and speed on the field. Woodsball is much different. There are so many different factors in the game, not just speed and your "gat". The factor I will focus on is enviroment. I cannot emphaize this enough. I am still a new player and I have figured out the basics to using the enviroment to my advantage. It is really simple. If you know the field, think of various points that are unique to the field. For example a cliffs, they can be excellant for pincers and pushing people back. Hills are excellant fighting postions, they can really do damage to the otherside, escaiplly if your overlooking them and have a clear view. Look for chokepoints. For example rivers, here a few guys can hold off a army if they know what they are doing. The enviroment has been key to many battles in real life, like the germans in russia, where the winter weared them down. I have 2 stories of my own to present.

I was playing at the local field, its pretty big for us and I enjoy it. The game was as follows, one side(enemy) had to place a bomb in the building ocuppied by the other side(me). The objective must be complete in 15 minutes. Ok this is a prime example of using a chokepoint to your advantage. The building we were defending is a minifort, with a few bunkers. About 40 yards or so away was the river, a boundary for the defending force. I played this senario before and I already knew that fighting in a building, or anywhere close, is not good.(Always think with timed senarios how you can slow or speed up the advance). The thing that would kill me and most of the team would to stay in the fort and the close bunkers. I want to hold off the enemy for as long as possible. I begin to wonder how to do this. Then I notice about 6 guys(there were about 20 on the other side) who are walking towards the minifort. I am in the open I and I charge for the closest cover, a bunker next to the river. I did the most intelligent move without thinking it. The river (more like stream) is wide enough to slow the enemy down, and I was close enough to pop up and kill them, even with my rental. I had support from my team so they couldn't move forward. If you cannot kill the enemy, delay him, so thats what I did for more then 15 minutes. I even got a couple of them out. The defense on the other side held and we won the game.

The key to timed games (if you defending) is to slow down the advance, what I did above was a excellant example.

Another example of using the enviroment to your advantage is this. I was at another field, with a small woodsball field, which a hill dominated. All the fight was situated around or on it. Heres the rules to this game, constant reinsertion till you run out of paint (last game of the day). After doing a good job at one position before being shot, I went to another side of the hill. 2 other guys and I cleared some resistance on the top of the hill, charged to the top and hit the motherload. We were overlooking the insertion point for the other team. There were guys talking, almost obilivous to our presence (stealth can be so fun). Now I must admit, ROF has advantages, and one of the guys had a nice Ion and we started to hit them hard. The result was that I got about 4 guys out, needed to run back for paint because I was doing so well. They did too, and we had to recapture the hill, taking out scant opposition. They didn't realize their mistake from lasttime. Again they were talking and we were overheard. We really hit them this time and many of them got out. This really affected their ability to focus elsewhere. Techniquly there's no winners or losers in this game, but we really did them in, I wanted to know the kill ratio.

This is a excellant of force multiplication and how to use hills and high vantage points. They can be really helpful and if you guy undected, you should be able to cause hell.
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