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Here's mine:

And, the part I'm really proud of:

It's in my sig, but the specs are:

Spyder Xtra
- JT CarbonFiber Featherweight barrel
- VL Revvy w/ Xboard (Thx to SpyderPilot)
- Otter SC trigger mod
- Stock, made by me
- "The Absolute Best Paintball" sticker (Thx to Noelydeeznuts, who's provided parts for some of our other guns, and the air hose for this one.)

I'm not done with it yet, I'm wanting a checkit VA, or the trinity 7d, but I'd rather have the checkit, that or the VA off of a Pilot, long as it's angled. Maybe a reg, who knows?
Spyder Xtra - CheckIt Assault 15*
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Bob Long Torpedo Reg - Shocktech Superfly bolt
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