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Depends what you need from the marker. If you want modes other than semi and ramping, and more parameters to adjust other than rate of fire and dwell, then I would go with the board first. For the maximum adjustability and the highest number of modes, I would suggest the Predator board or the Nox Unleashed Naughty Dogs board.

If you are happy with semi and ramping for the time being, then I would go with a roller bearing trigger to get the best from the stock board. I personally like the Wave style triggers, and would recommend either of the triggers that I mentioned above, Critical or New Designz. The New Designz is a nicer shape I feel, but it takes a little more room in the trigger guard (not an issue if you are thinking of going for the Ton Ton frame - the space in the trigger guard is more generous). The Critical trigger can be set closer to the back of the frame, and so takes less space. It has a smoother bearing, and also comes with a new screw fit trigger pivot to replace the stock pin.

Ton Ton frames are sold by Punishers Paintball in the US. You can also try using to find other stockists.

The Nerve shares frames, triggers, boards, solenoids, eye harnesses, solenoid harnesses and feed necks with the SFT Shocker. No doubt they also share some screws and o-rings.
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