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Join Date: Jan 2004
Year/Model: 2006 Ego
Main color: Grey
Contrasting colors: Black
Board/version: 2.0, Tadao M7, Maniac soon
Regulator: stock, Evolve Pi
FRM: stock
ASA: stock, Hybrid push-button
Frame: stock
Trigger: stock (swapped black)
Valve: stock
Detents: stock
Bolt: Nexus
Pin: Nexus
Feedneck: stock (swapped black)
Ram Cap: stock, Hybrid adjustable
Rammer: stock
Grips: stock 2006 early revision (hard)
Anodizing: stock
Customizing of your own: Some extra electronics tweaks

Barrel: stock (swapped black) .693 Shaft 1-piece normally, Bob Long .689 Assassins for small paint
Tank: any good 68/4.5
Loader: Halo with custom software and internals
Efficiency: Good enough

Coming soon: Ego7.
I'll fill out another post in here then.

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