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Well it's hardly in working condition and I don't actually have the parts together, but I'll post this to help move the thread a bit.

-Marker - Spyder Fenix
-Color - Matte Silver
-Barrel - Freak Junior, .693 (?) insert, All-American tip
-Regulator - Stock Fenix reg/Evil Detonator
-Bolt - stock aluminum
-Striker - stock
-Trigger - half modded stock, never finished =P
-ASA - stock Spyder ASA with drop
-Feedneck - Newer Kingman feedneck, not sure if it has a name
-Board - Scenario Dreams T-Board
-Grips - schtok
-Front block - Stock, built into Fenix reg
-Cupseal - people upgrade these things? stock.

-Tank - 68ci/4500psi Crossfire HP
-Hopper - clear blue Halo B w/ rip

Custom modifications - my solenoid is made of cheese

Other - no joke, my solenoid is made of cheese
HK'd 04 Speed
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