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Marker - Spyder Imagine 04" Body
-Color - Green
-Barrel - J&J Ceramic 14"
-Regulator -Victor II Grip
-Bolt -Stock Polished
-Striker - Stock
-Trigger -Stock from my Victor II
-ASA - Stock
-Feedneck - Stock
-Board - none
-Grips - stock
-Front block - stock off of Victor II
-Cupseal - stock

-Tank - 20oz. Pure Energy with XSV Stickers
-Hopper - 12v Revolution W/ X-Board

Custom modifications
Shorter and lighter trigger pull with the help of Otters Customs
Polished Striker and stock polished bolt

Soon To Come: Imagine Frame, Dye Stickies, Lapco Cup Seal, New Impeller for my Revy, and I will Intellifeed my gun with the Revy.

Later in its life: Halfbacking, Painting, LP with almost all AKA parts.

This gun started as a Victor II, but i need a new VA and a new body and i got the Imagine one, once i get the new frame it will be all imagine.

Picture *Link only!* its in the BB of the month
I live one case at a time.

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