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Marker - Xtra
-Color - Light blue
-Barrel - JT 12'' Carbon Fiber Feather weight
-Regulator - None yet
-Bolt - Stock for now
-Striker -
-Trigger - OtterSC customs
-ASA -
- Pvc pipe
Board -

Grips - Wood ones I did
Front block/VA - Stock, but CheckItAssault 15* is wanted
-Cupseal -

-Tank -24 oz
-Hopper - 12v Revolution 200 rd W/ Xboard - black
Custom modifications

- Homeade stock, soon to be replaced. This one's a little wobbly for me, but once you're in battle, you don't notice. If someone wants it cheap, lemme know.

- Already mentioned, but the OtterSCCustoms trigger job


Spyder Xtra - CheckIt Assault 15*
Empire Revolver Kit - Egrip Deluxe w/ Sticky grips
Bob Long Torpedo Reg - Shocktech Superfly bolt
12v Revolution Tripod - Remote line

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