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Marker - 2004 Spyder Pilot
-Color - Black
-Barrel - Empire 14'' Kit
-Regulator - BL Torpedo
-Bolt - Stock, modded
-Striker - Nightstriker XL
-Valve - New Designz HP valve
-Trigger - Checkit for now
-ASA - New Designz on/off
-Feedneck - New Designz clamping
-Board -
Scenerio Dreams T-board
-Grips - Dye Stickies
-Front block/VA - Spyder Compact
-Cupseal - New Designz

-Tank - JT 50/3000
-Hopper - Draxxus Pulse

Custom modifications
Body has been annodized black
The stock bolt has the venturi removed and lightend
Front block has been drilled out.
NDZ Valve pin has been further modded for better flow
Macroline and fittings have been added

I use Dow55 on the torpedo reg LOL
Picture *Link only!*
right thurr
Dark Spyder Pilot|Macdev 68/45|DXS Pulse|Empire 7pc Barrel Kit
Gun Pic
Take-a-part your 05' Pilot guide Update Dec17
NEW AKA Lightning Bolt $35

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