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Marker - Spyder Sonix Pro
-Color -Black/Red
-Barrel - 14" Smart Parts Progressive
-Regulator - None. I have an X-chamber
-Bolt - Stock, modded
-Striker - Stock
-Trigger - CAMD 2.0 ESP frame.
-ASA - Pilot drop forward.
-Feedneck - Stock
-Board - Stock

-Grips - Stock
-Front block/VA - Stock
-Cupseal - Stock

-Tank - 12oz. Kingman co2 tank
-Hopper - VLocity Jr.
Custom modifications
Removed bolt venturi and polished.

My gun is pure secks. I gotta get a new pic.

I love it.
Also has a 32* spring kit

Picture *Link only!* This picture is OLD BTW. I have to get a new one soon. NEW PICTURE! Isn't it so much better now? I need a new valve, detens, HPA, and clamping feedneck for sure.

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