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Heres a few I like to use:
1. As soon as the whistle blows, run up as close as you can to the enemy base, and hide behind some trees. That way, they're pinned and can't move any farther back or they'll be outside of the boundry. Some people like to spread out in a line or in hiding spots next to thier base. Not a good idea if the out-of-bounds is 15ft behind the base. We tried sticking everyone in the base, and got slaughtered. If the enemy is coming to you, and you try to run back, your screwed.
2. As people have said, bring a buddy. Even the "snipers". My friend and I were Both hiding behind this dead tree that fell down. Right next to each other. One guy came after us after we tried to surprise him and missed. I fell back to a tree, and my friend to another log. He was pinned so i gave him some cover and got shot, but he took the guy out. Teamwork works better than being the lone ranger.
3. Again, as people have said, the least comfortable route is the least gaurded. There was about 200ft of thornbushes and we crawled through that to their base while the rest of the team charged straight ahead. They were distracted and we ended up about 10 ft behind them. We just sprayed the hell out of em all.
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