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You do know that you can post questions in the main forum as well as in the FAQ?

Unfortunately, there is no quick and simple answer as to the most efficient settings, as every marker is a little different. You need to find the correct balance between operating pressure, LPR pressure and dwell that provides the best efficiency from your own particular marker. All three things you mention will have an effect. The only way to find the very best settings for a particular marker is spend some time experimenting.

If you want to try some settings that have worked for other people, have a look at the PBNation Nerve forum, where you can find an efficiency thread amongst the stuck threads.

The New Designz bolt has better air flow, so does help to improve efficiency, but this is not the only source of it's increased velocity figures. The bolt is actually heavier as well, which has the effect of opening the valve further and longer, and so more air is released which provides the higher velocities. So, some of the additional velocity is actually achieved by using more air! Once you lower the dwell (or LPR, or operating pressure) to compensate for the heavier bolt, the efficiency returns won't be as big as you may have expected. There are efficiency gains to be had from the bolts improved air flow, but they aren't as high as the increase in velocity may suggest.
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