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Public Punishment
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ok heres the setup that i do.

if im gonna snap out the right side i put my gun in my left hand (ill be shootin with my left hand) and have my right foot forward and my left foot back some. (this is when im kneeling down). have you gun up and ready and quicky pop out having your gun against the bunker and being able to see some. now i put my gun in my left hand becaus ei could see more out of that side when im poppin out rather than having it in my right hand.

also do not keep popping out your right side. just do quick motions like snap out right then snap up then right again until they're behind their bunker. but watch out for others that might be aimin right at you.

i might be able to have some pictures added. plus if you want to just take your gun (dont need paintballs or anything) and just practice inside the house. just practice the motions and the correct technique. hope it helps

not popping out of the top what are you talking about? just make you motions quick so you arent at that disadvantage. cause i fyou keep poppin out of the sides they're gonna figure it out


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