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Here is my question to you all. As the times appear to be quickly changing where do you think Tippmann stands?

Ions are dying off as a "good" gun (their rep is bad and there are a lot of good guns being sold at low prices) and the variatey of choice in the low end anything market has expanded. Where do you think Tippmann's future lays?

What kind of gun would you like to see them come out with? What kind of upgrades for current guns or any interesting ideas about what Tippmann could do to re-enter the Paintball industry and not just stay in rec/woods/scenario play?
Paintball is a sport that is it's own worst enemy. From gun owners ruining the average "weekend warrior" with a Shocker to some yahoo shooting up his neighbours house with a BE Talon. If you want paintball to not be limited by bad reputation and government, then speak up for YOUR sport or You may not have one oneday.
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