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Tippmann wont be dieing out any time soon. You know that they pretty much own the woodsball/recball industry when you go to your local field and 80% of the people are using either an A-5 or 98. Tippmann has come out with a lot of good things lately also. The C3 was a revolutionary step in the paintball world, and the Triumph line of markers that Tippmann recently produced [even though most people think they are plastic pieces of what-not] were both very good decisions in my mind. Tippmann is slowly over taking its low end competitors with inexpensive products that appeal to recreational paintballers and new paintballers. And now with the release of the X7, and Tippmann’s latest partnership with SpecOps, Tippmann will probably rule the Scenario industry and beat out other companies like BT in a couple years. The only industry that Tippmann does not already dominate, or will most likely dominate is the high end industry. I would not be surprised if Tippmann releases a mid-range high end like the Proto Rail or Smart Parts Euphony in the coming years. Tippmann is definitely headed in the right direction.
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