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Personally. I'd like to see them produce a low end electro gun that is cheap and can do 15bps but doesn't look like the triumph line of guns. Why? Its looks really REALLY turn people off.

I don't want to see Tippmann make a spyder or spyder like clone but I think if they made a 1 tubed, direct feed, semi-auto blow back that is a short gun (like the size of a VS2/VS3 or maybe a bit longer) and has minimal kick (due to a lightened bolt) that would be cool.

I'd like to see Tippmann thread all their ASA's the same on a new line of gun (like the one above) so that you could just buy pre-installed Anti-syphoned tanks from online or stores that match the threading of the ASA.

I'd pay 175ish for something like that and it would decapitate kingman over time because well... kingman sucks. I know of many horror stories about kingman's guns.
Paintball is a sport that is it's own worst enemy. From gun owners ruining the average "weekend warrior" with a Shocker to some yahoo shooting up his neighbours house with a BE Talon. If you want paintball to not be limited by bad reputation and government, then speak up for YOUR sport or You may not have one oneday.
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