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OK I can understand the need for the infraction system, but when the moderators have the ability to impose them based on personal opinion then that is just foolish.

Case in point I received my only infraction because of "upping a dead thread".

When I saw a thread I wanted to comment on, I did. I am so sorry that the moderator in question didn't like that.

This same moderator has shown mild arrogance and what I would deem as abuses of privileges.


This moderator closed a thread from a few days ago that was related to a request for a forum for Inverts and Deadly Products. He gave the uncalled for reply that the poster should get a list of 20 people who own the markers and pm it to him.
A little research into the Invert would show that many places have sold out and have presales booked through January.

Now I suppose this moderator will search through every post I have ever done and flag anything that puts his nose out of joint, but that is just fine with me.

This system may help to stop teens with more mouth than brains, bu it will also likely be an annoyance that will lead to less posts from knowledgeable people.

Oh, and don't get me wrong, I am sure that I have posted foolish or angry responses in the past. I am certainly not without any kind of blame.

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