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Originally Posted by Neon Lites View Post
Thats no reason for an infraction. Whenever a topic is brought up that has already been done, everyone just says "search!!" or something along those lines, then they get mad when you do search for the thread and bring it back up.

C'mon Pez, be reasonable.
Oh...let's see. Usually if someone ups a dead thread and has something useful to say I let it pass. You'll note that the infraction he got was for upping a dead thread (that hadn't been posted to in 18 months) to post this:

Originally Posted by mjr_paranoid

Originally Posted by dilly man 2
thank you, and by the way i have no p-e-n-i-s.

You'll note that the response didn't merit bringing an 18 month old thread back to life and that the post he quoted was also, in itself, questionable. It clearly warranted the infraction as it's a trend I don't want repeated (upping a dead thread to post "LOL" is best). It's also the reason why I deleted his post. I stand by both decisions.

Now, as to the other thread, I closed it because there's another thread below it covering the same issue. While the Invert Mini has sold out pre-orders is one thing. I've seen several in person (one today actually) and they're nice markers. When we get enough users in here that own and have worked on enough of them to have a good discussion about them and have personal experiences with them, we'll start up a thread (note that we don't have a separate Epiphany thread, PMR Thread or DP Fusion thread either). Until that time, there's little point in starting a forum where we're likely to get a lot of answers that start with " friend's neighbor's dad has one and ..." or "I think you should do ...xyx". I'm using 20 as an arbitrary number since that would be enough people to sustain a forum in the short term. If someone PM'd me with 15 and made a good case we could probably swing it as well...but we've tried this before with less and it caused problems.

I fail to see the argument for "mild arrogance" or "abuse of privledges" and if you dig a bit you'll see that I have a proven track record of not being vindictive to people that disagree with me. Everyone gets treated equally. Whether they like it or not.
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