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Why can't we legalize?
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Marker Spyder Imagine

-Model - older
-Color - stock green
-Barrel - 14" J&J Ceramic (just like the rest but hey it's the best)
-Regulator - stock expansion chamber
-Bolt - Shocktech Superfly
-Striker - stock
-Trigger - allen screws stripped, forever stock
-ASA - stock
- stock
Board -
Grips - stock
Front block/VA - stock


-Tank - 20oz CO2
Hopper - Standard

Custom modifications

Other - New Designz bullet volumizer
Spyder Imagine '03
14" J&J Ceramic
GTA Expansion chamber (made for the 98C)
Modified stock bolt - no venturi and sanded/polished
CIP sweetspot trigger
SwiX 50g microswitch
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