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Welcome to the First Endeavor Forum on PBReview! You asked for it, and we provided it!

The following rules will be in effect for the First Endeavor forum.

1. No vs. threads. There are other places better suited for this type of discussion.
2. No picture threads/posts outside of the picture forum.
3. Please do not plagiarize information from other sites/stickies.
4. Trolling/Flaming/Inappropriate Language or Behavior will be met with an Infraction or Ban at the moderator staff’s discretion.
5. All posts shall be kept civil. This doesn’t mean you can’t disagree but do so in a manner that is open minded and condusive to discussion.
6. No BST threads will be permitted.
7. Please report any problem threads as opposed to making posts that antagonize or encourage more posts.
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Originally posted by Jaster
I'd have given someone's arm for a U-Haul and 20 minutes alone with a forklift.

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