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How does the Mini Work?
The green is the compressed gas.

There are a few glitches, and the bolt spring doesn't compress as the bolt moves, but I think it gives you the idea!

We purge the chamber behind the poppet. That allows the poppet to move backwards. The gas from behind the poppet is then used to push the bolt forwards.

There are two stages of gas released to the bolt from behind the poppet. The first small hole has a one way restrictor, this means gas is only allowed in slowly. As the back o-ring on the bolt passes the second hole it allows more gas through faster and the bolt moves quicker.

The restrictor in the first hole means the pressure (and thus force and accleration) builds up slowly.

It is in essence a 3 stage system, because once the main gas pulse is released for firing the bolt, this also acts on the inside bolt face to push the bolt forwards and hold it in place while the ball is being fired.

Breaking it down into stages...

If anyone else wants to try animating it and make the spring compress too... that would be cool.

How Big is the mini compared to other guns?

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