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Why won't my Barrel Fit?
Autococker thread dimensions are not universal. Each Company varies and over the years the variation has changed more and more. It has been noted that older barrels such as old freaks do not fit in the mini. From my personaly use, my eclipse shaft barrel did not fit in my mini. If the barrel does not fit, do NOT try to force it in if you do you will most likely end up breaking/scratching/denting something on your mini.

Need more help Dissassmeblying your Mini?
If you need more help or you cannot play videos look here (note not dial up friendly).

What is a good tank for the mini?
I reccomend crossfire if you are looking for dependablity, but macdev, centerflag, Cp, DXS and guerilla air make nice tanks too. If you are looking for the lightest tank a CP bottle plus a guerilla air myth regulator would be the lightest. If you are looking for the smallest, DXS makes stubby-like tanks or you can purchase stubby tanks by centerflag or crossfire, but they are usually more exspensive/rare.

I am having Blowblack issues, what should I do?

Just call up KEE and ask for a replacement poppet due to blowback issues.
(If you get yoru new poppet and you want to try to fix your old poppet you can try this , but you need the correct and proper tools to do it)

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