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Heres a pic of my prototype gun, temporarily called the MiniMarker, and yes, it is a design that could actually work (i built it in 3dsmax4 and worked out all gas seals/flow etc.)

heres the features:

Spyder MiniMarker

-Both dropforward screw patterns, staggered and inline
-Speedrstrip internals with pushpins
-Standard LPC
-Standard T-VA, with 4 vertical flow holes
-Standard dropforward using staggered screw pattern, to standard ASA with side by side pattern.
-Standard foregrip / mini expansion chamber
-Steel hose
-Standard turbo valve, standard valve components
-Standard mini ball detent cover / vinyl detent
-New permanent vertical feed with metal loader attachment
-Standard push safety
-New 45 style gripframe with extra light pull / hinge style double trigger
-New striker design, with standard main spring, mini buffer, standard spring guide, standard guide plate, standard velocity adjust screw, and mini rear plug all inside the striker body, for speedstrip
-New bolt design with cupped wide mouth design and rear cocking for speedrstrip
-Back block for easy speedstrip and dissassembly
-Standard 12" barrel
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