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Official Alien Help Thread

Something the members put together on pbn that hopefully with help members here out.

Welcome Alien Users! Mind's Eye and Myself wanted to develop this thread to assist anyone who may have an issue with their marker that has since been resolved by either us other users or the “Creator” . Great thanks to Mind's Eye for creating the Troubleshooting guide section of this thread and also others(users with the problemas YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE)! This thread wouldn't be possible without you guys!

The basic outline for this thread is for your 1st post is known techinques to cure issues of the past. For your 2nd post, It is composed of supported threads created by other owners(yourselves) in which a issue occured and a solution was rendered. Anyone can use this as an idea for starters and feel free to add information, reformat it, add thread links or correct any mistakes:

Alien Troubleshooting Guide
Before attempting any repairs it is best to download the manual for your Alien marker and read it thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the workings of the gun. Many problems can be taken care of by lubing and re-balancing the regs, making a board adjustment or by simply changing to a fresh battery. If you have a leak you will want to learn how to dis-assemble the gun and air it up. That way you'll be able to isolate where the leak is coming from.

Leaks- Dis-assemble the marker and air up to isolate the leak. You can use a drop of soapy water to help you “see” the escaping air bubbles. One Alien owner has recommended using a nurse's stethoscope with the bell end removed to listen for the leak.

Hose Leak- Check both ends of the air hose at the barbs.
1. Replace hose with Cocker hose
Solenoid/Ram Area Leak-
1.Turn down LPR to stop solenoid venting.
2.Check that the solenoid gasket is clean and in good shape. Tighten down the solenoid screws. Teflon tape or blue Loctite may be used to prevent the screws from backing out.
3.Check for leak at the small set screws in the ram housing above the barb. The set screws are Allen .035 (very small). Use Loctite primer #7649 or blue Loctite but use sparingly as an excessive amount can get inside the ram seals.
4.Dis-assemble ram housing and check/replace seals.
5.If solenoid continues to leak or vent excessively, replace solenoid.

Front Block Area Leak-
Interceptor- Front block set screws have been known to come loose causing problems. If the front block begins to loosen remove the set screw and re-assemble with blue Loctite.
1.Check LPR to front block sealing o ring.
2.Check front block o ring. This o ring may be damaged. On some 06's the wrong o ring has been installed. Replace with 14mm o ring with 2mm walls (18mm outside). Teflon tape under the o ring has also been successfully used.
Remains- The Remains does not have a "front block" but leaks in that body area may come from:
1.Check LPR body o rings.
2.Check the HPR ASA o ring.
3.Check the set screw plug to the right and below the LPR. It takes an .050 Allen wrench to remove and reseal with Loctite primer #7649 or blue Loctite.

Valve Leak-
1.If Ceptor is an early 06, Replace valve orings with 14mm oring w/2mm walls (Hardware store or Contact Alienpb).
2.Check valve body o rings for nicks or cuts.
3.Replace pin seal and spring.

LPR Creep-
1.Replace the HPR sealing o ring in the LPR.
2.Check LPR piston for dirt and relube.
3.Replace the LPR cup seal.

Sticky Trigger-
1.Adjust trigger tension screw.
2.Check for loose trigger plate screws.
3.Remove trigger plate and check spring. On rare occasions the spring may have wrapped itself around the set screw. Remove set screw entirely and unwind spring from the set screw. Replace set screw and spring.

Low Velocity-
1.Replace battery.
2.Lube and re-balance regs. Some alien owners have achieved good results switching to after market regulators.
3.Lube ramshaft
4.Check air bottle, ASA and macroline for poor performance or restrictions.
5.Raise dwell
6.Check all o-rings
7.Check air passage or air hose for restrictions.

Gun Not Cycling-
1.Replace Battery
2.Lube and re-balance regs. There has been some success in upping the HPR to get more air pressure into the gun during break-in.
3.Check HPA bottle, ASA and Macroline for poor performance or restrictions
4.Raise dwell
5.Check all o rings
6.Check air passages and air hose for restrictions.

Poor Consistency-
1.Replace battery
2.Borrow aftermarket reg from a buddy.
3.Lube and re-balance regs
4.Lube ram shaft
5.Raise dwell

Trigger Pull Not Registering-
1.Bypass the eyes when dryfiring. Turn on board, tap trigger once, depress button again and hold 1/2 sec. until light flashes rapid red.
2.Adjust trigger travel points to activate trigger switch.
3.Check for pinched, cut or disconnected trigger switch wires.
4.Eye harness pin plug incorrectly installed. Turn plug around.

Eyes Working?- no
1.Check that board is set in Eye Mode 1 or 2 (board Eye Mode settings #2 and #3).
2.Check for pinched/cut wires or a wire pulled out of the pin plug at the board connection.
3.Clean eyes.
Eyes working?- yes
1.Install new battery.
2.Check battery in hopper and adjust hopper speed.
3.Check for worn or improperly fitted detents (double feeding) '05 Interceptors should have an o ring installed over the detent in the round space under the eye cover.
4.Raise Eye Power or BIP on the board.

Names of Screws used on Alien Markers for replacements
- Socket Head
- Button Head
- Flat Head
- Set Screws
Interceptor screw chart - created by your very own SuperMod and Mind'sEye view Alien OG links below under "downloads"

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