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This list composes of problems that have arisen and have been resolved successfully since 01/2006. Let me know if it helps! or if I made any mistakes .
I thought I would make a thread with all the issues and resolutions I thought to be useful and maybe it will help other search for solutions easier since the search engine is commonly down when we need it the most.
Leaking around the barbs?
Starts to leak then stops
Front Block
Ram housing
Noid Leaking
Noid Leaking 2
Leaks from valve

Sticky Trigger

Lpr Creep
Lpr Creep 2
Low Velocity
06 Shootdown 1
06 Shootdown 2
Bolt pin loose
Bolt shooting air in my face

05 Ceptor On/Off
Noid not activating
Microswitch Harness(The user delete all his post to screw another member in a trade, but its about the microswitch harness there is a link to the original with a wiring diagram on #17)
Front block wiring
Batteries donít last
Will not enter Trigger programming

Ball Breakage(Jack refers to the thread below)
thoughts on breaking/choppping

AlienOG Links
Issue resolver 05í Ceptors
Issue resolver 06Ď Ceptors
Link to Downloads page on AOG. ( Must have an account to view)
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