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thats great, my cop stories dont even come close.

best I got was after a game once we went to home depot cuz i needed some mesh for making a rack on my wall to hang all my markers. anyways everyones all camoed up or dressed all in black, the guys still in the car were wearing goggles (not full facemasck they took the goggles only out) and had belaclavas (sp?) inside. and they parked on the side of the lot while me and my friend went in. we were walking out and 5 crusers screamed in and surrounded us all (just before the cops came in i noticed I wasnt charged for a 30 cent peice of wire and told amos.. then the cops came in and were like.. well pay it was a mistake i swear!..(tho we knew it wasnt for the 30 cents was just funny) I guess someone thought they were the getaway car for a robbery and called the cops. lol, the cops saw the paintball stuff and had to be shown every gun and wanted to check em all out. my friend pulled a pistol out and the cop told him never to do that wish cops around cuz he coulda been shot (he then proceded to play with it excidedly of course) but apparently some people are modding real pistols to look like paintball guns so if a cop sees soemone pulling a paintball gun in public they are allowed to act as if its real. but the cops all had a blast playing with the paintball guns in home depo parking lot.
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