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This post is a little old but I figured I would go ahead and add my 2 cents. I have several colors and I use them differently.

Mirror Blue and Silver - I first bought these for looks but I have gotten more use out of them recently. This new field I have been playing on has their field layout with the starting points on the east and west side. So if you are playing late or early on a Saturday morning you are going to have to face the sun. I really like to use these if I find the sun troublesome.

Amber/Yellow - I typically use this one outside the most during woodsball and regular games. It helps reduce glare and aids in contrast along with depth perception. Also, I personally feel that it brightens up the field a little more. Depending on the person this could be good or bad.

Clear - If its indoor, night, or even low light conditions, clear is the best way to go.

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